Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Construction Moving Forward on Phase 1 of the Atlantic County DPW Master Plan

Northfield, NJ - More than just piles of dirt...Construction is moving forward on the new 12,800 SF Crew Quarters (shops, storage, offices and locker / toilet facilities) and new Truck Wash Facility for the Atlantic County Department of Public Works.  Construction is anticipated to be completed for these Phase 1 projects in late fall / early winter.  

The overall project scope involved planning for 262 employees and 109 DPW Vehicles on a 17-acre site with multiple buildings.  The entire site has been re-planned to include:  some proposed building demolition; construction of an addition to plus complete renovation of the existing Engineering, Planning and DPW administration building; a new vehicle maintenance garage; personnel support facilities; vehicle / equipment storage buildings; and revised site entries, drives and parking areas.  Maximum build-out has been programmed for four phases, totaling an estimated $21 Million.