Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Construction Complete on Phase I of the Atlantic County NJ DPW Improvements

Northfield, NJ – Construction on the W2A designed New Truck Wash Facility for the Department of Public Works is complete! The new 5,500 SF Truck Wash Facility, new roofed road material bins and associated site improvements including new site entry gate, new site security fencing, new roadways, new parking areas and storm water detention basins are now complete and operational.

The 12,800 SF Crew Quarters, including shops, storage, offices and locker / toilet facilities, is in the final stages of construction, and is anticipated to be occupied this spring.

The overall project scope involved planning for 262 employees and 109 DPW Vehicles on a 17-acre site with multiple buildings. The entire site has been re-planned to include: some proposed building demolition; construction of an addition plus complete renovation of the existing Engineering, Planning and DPW administration building; a new vehicle maintenance garage; personnel support facilities; vehicle / equipment storage buildings; and revised site entries, drives and parking areas.